Wisdom Resources

Wisdom Resources Limited

Wisdom Resources Limited’s entrepreneurship concept has been in the making for a couple of years to date and has since been incorporated as a general enterprise holding company.
It is the life blood of the company to identify, courier and network the various local and foreign prospective innovative potentials to the opportunities on offer in both the foreign and local markets respectively.

Anoited TV is a subsidiery of Wisdom Resources Limited with the purpose of producing programs that are tailored towards, education, entertaimnet and ministry works, aimed at building communities and growth towards the community.

Living Hope Clinic, Situated in Northmead, has the very best health care services that will meet above expectations. At living Hope, our Aim in the Person that walks in to walk out better than they came and our impecable record and service speaks for itself.

Good News Media is a subsidery of Wisdom Resources Limited. As part of th Brand Echo system of providing quality service, Good News Media has the best equipment in the industry to facilitate, live broadcast, Documentary and  Film production, Movies and much more, give us a call and get a FREE, QUOTE.

Clergy Boutique and Book Store is a brand that is set appart from all the others, we offer a varity of books froma well renowed authers from within Zambia, Africa and the world. We also offer high quality brand of clergy products that will present you will quality  outfits for your ministy work.