Wisdom Resources

About Us

Vision / Mission

Wisdom Resources Limited derives its uniqueness from the central strategic position it occupies as a partner and courier of identified business opportunities to the markets especially to Africa's developing third world countries. The company aims to develop and sustain strong local and international trade links between sources and destinations of assorted products and services. This will be achieved through the highly profiled management, technical and commercial research teams.

Core Values

  • Offer unequalled culturally sensitive local and international
    trading networks and practices;
  • Recognising that human resource is paramount in achieving
    customer satisfaction;
  • Cautious approach in the cost-benefit analysis for each project
    being under taken with the goal of earning above average stakeholder returns;
  • Embrace technological developments for easier and faster delivery systems and;
  • Motivate and sponsor individual ideas and encourage team work and maximise
  • individual performance for optimum results and targets.

Business Objectives

  • To expand the business aggressively but steadily.
  • To promote the health, safety and development of staff, the environment and
    the community in which we operate.
  • To take advantage of its well-developed expertise base and enhance revenues and
  • To allow for expansion of the company’s market network in addition to being able to meet current demand.
  • To employ, train and motivate the best people for the job.
  • To improve cost and operational efficiencies thereby enhancing stakeholder values.
  • To increase revenues and profitability for the company.