Wisdom Resources

Investment Portfolio

Wisdom Resources Limited has investments in the major sectors of our economy. To archive maximum profitability and enhanced operational performance we have set up subsidiary companies and businesses specialized in these sectors. These subsidiaries have their own management team with a wealth of experience in their respective fields. As the Holding company we play a monitoring role to ensure all its subsidiaries meet the set standards of performance, profitability, ethics and all statutory obligations. Below is a brief description of these subsidiaries and their respective sectors:

Living Hope Clinic is a subsidiary of Wisdom
Resources Ltd with two outlets, one is within the Central Business District (CBD) and the other one is about 2 1⁄2 kilometers from the CBD. Under Living Hope Clinic we offer a wide range of medical services including general outpatient services, conventional, therapeutic and Natural remedies. We are in the process of purchasing a fully equipped medical facility located in a prime business area of Kabulonga.
We are also in the planning phase of setting up a pharmaceutical company and in the long run partner with both local and international
investors in setting up a drug manufacturing

Chrio Academy Limited is another subsidiary of Wisdom Resources Ltd currently offering quality and holistic educational services from pre grade to grade 7. Chrio Academy has to Academic centers namely Chrio 1 and 2. Chrio 2 is located in a low income community in Lusaka offering quality education to the vulnerable and less privileged. This is in line with our policy on corporate social responsibility by giving back and adding value to the communities we are operating in.

We currently in the process of acquiring more land in both locations to upgrade and increase our capacity to offer services up to University Level.

In this sector we saw the need to tap into the Arts and media industry by bringing into existence Good News Media Services. We offer various media services including Graphic designing, Printing, Audio and Video productions. We currently are working on upgrading our equipment to meet the market demands and to become a force to reckon with in the Print, video and audio industry as we promote local Arts.

In line with the growing demand for infrastructure development and it being a catalyst for development, we as Wisdom Resources Ltd have Banah Construction limited.
As Banah Construction we manufacture high quality tile fix and we are suppliers of construction material and equipment. We are currently in the planning phase of setting up a cement manufacturing plant.

In line with governemnt policy of diversification Wisdom Resources Ltd has developed a policy on agriculture whose agenda is being implemented by Billiard Farm Products Limited. We have purchased over 20 hectares of customary land in the Central Province. We are in the process of acquiring more land and using the investment linkages under Wisdom Resources Ltd, we will engage both local and international investor s to invest the development of this sector. Currently Billiard Farm products is undertaking agricultural activities on a small scale and we are major
suppliers of both dry and fresh foods to the
defense forces.

Wisdom Resources Ltd has signed Joint Venture Marketing Agreements with several mining firms.
This is to market their firms on a local and international platform with the view of attracting investment and also to broker sale and purchase agreements. Currently we have signed agreements with the following firms:

  • TWAMPANE MINES LIMITED (Copper mines).
  • KANZOVU MINES LTD (Copper, Gold, Iron and Silver mines).
  • KASHIMULOBA MINES LTD (Copper mines).
  • H&K INVESTMENTS (Emerald and Beryl mines).
  • RAYN MINING LTD (Malachite mines).
  • JODAM MINING LTD (Emerald and Beryl mines).
  • CHAPRIJU MINES LTD (Emerald and Beryl mines).
  • RAZIMA MINING LTD (Copper mines)